2019 Volume 3 Issue 4

Truong Thanh Phi, R.B. Shakirov, N.S. Syrbu Characteristics of tectonic activity phases along The Cao Bang-Tien Yen fault zone, Tien Yen-Lang Son section, Northeastern part, Vietnam Abstract / PDF Russ
D.A. Safonov, T.A. Fokina, N.S. Kovalenko Seismicity of the South Far East of Russia in 2018 Abstract / PDF Russ
A.S. Zakupin, N.V. Boginskaya, M.Yu. Andreeva Methodological aspects of the study of seismic sequences by SDP (self-developing processes) on the example of the Nevelsk earthquake on Sakhalin Abstract / PDF Russ
P.A. Kamenev, D.V. Kostylev, N.V. Boginskaya, A.S. Zakupin Geophysical surveys in the southern part of the Central Sakhalin Fault based on new integrated network Abstract / PDF Russ
V.M. Kaistrenko Peculiarity of using the paleotsunami data for the tsunami hazard estimation Abstract / PDF Russ
V.M. Kaistrenko, N.G. Razjigaeva, L.A. Ganzey, A.O. Gorbunov, Yu. Nishimura The manifestation of tsunami of August 1, 1940 in the Kamenka settlement, Primorye (new data concerning the old tsunami) Abstract / PDF Russ
V.V. Afanas'yev A new type of aeolian morphogenesis on volcanic shores (Iturup Island, Great Kuril Ridge)
Abstract / PDF Russ
R.V. Zharkov, D.N. Kozlov, V.V. Ershov, N.S. Syrbu, O.A. Nikitenko, G.V. Ustyugov Paromay thermal springs of Sakhalin Island: modern state and prospects for use Abstract / PDF Russ
R.V. Zharkov, D.N. Kozlov, B.I. Chelnokova Physical and chemical features of sapropelic mud of some freshwater lakes in the Elizovo district of the Kamchatka (Russia) Abstract / PDF Russ
The rules for the authors of the journal Geosystems of Transition Zones PDF Russ
Topical index of articles published in the Journal in 2019 (volume 3) PDF Russ

2019 Volume 3 Issue 3

S.A. Bornyakov, D.V. Salko, A.N. Shagun, A.A. Dobrynina, L.A. Usynin The slow deformation waves as a possible precursor of seismic hazard Abstract / PDF Russ
R.F. Bulgakov, V.N. Senachin Marine terraces and hydroisostasy influence on the vertical movements of the Sakhalin Abstract / PDF Russ
P.A. Kamenev, A.E. Zabolotin, V.A. Degtyarev, O.A. Zherdeva Geomechanical model of South Sakhalin active fault Abstract / PDF Russ
D.P. Kovalev, P.D. Kovalev, M.O. Khuzeeva Peculiarities of sea waves near the southeastern coast of Sakhalin Island during cyclones moving above the observation area Abstract / PDF Russ
A.V. Degterev, M.V. Chibisova The eruption of Raikoke volcano in June of 2019 (Raikoke Island, Central Kuril Islands) Abstract / PDF Russ
V.V. Afanas'yev, A.V. Uba, A.I. Levitsky Migration of the straits and pelagic sedimentation in the lagoons Abstract / PDF Russ
R.V. Zharkov Physical and chemical properties and prospects of use of sapropelic mud of the Bolshoe Chibisanskoe Lake (Sakhalin Island) Abstract / PDF Russ
O.A. Nikitenko, V.V. Ershov Physical-chemical properties of natural waters in the area municipal solid waste landfill (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) Abstract / PDF Russ
III Russian scientific conference with foreign participants Geodynamical Processes and Natural Hazards (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, 2019) PDF Russ

2019 Volume 3 Issue 2

V.A. Mubassarova, L.M. Bogomolov, A.S. Zakupin, I.A. Panteleev Acoustic emission and strain responses of rocks triggered by electromagnetic action (A review). Part 1 Abstract / PDF Russ
D.A. Safonov Spatial distribution of tectonic stress in the southern deep part of the Kuril-Kamchatka subduction zone Abstract / PDF Russ
A.Yu. Polets Modern tectonic stress field of the Sakhalin-Japanese earthquake belt Abstract / PDF Russ
A.S. Borisov, D.P. Kovalev, D.V. Kostylev, Yu.N. Levin Microseisms on the north of Sakhalin Island caused by sea waves Abstract / PDF Russ
A.O. Gorbunov, D.P. Kovalev, P.D. Kovalev The sediment transported by the flow in the eroding area of the Mordvinov Gulf coast (Sakhalin Island) Abstract / PDF Russ
N.G. Razjigaeva, L.A. Ganzey, T.A. Grebennikova, V.M. Kaistrenko, A.A. Kharlamov, Kh.A. Arslanov, F.E. Maksimov Application of paleodata for evaluation of the tsunami hazard of the Malokurilskaya bay coast (Shikotan Island) Abstract / PDF Russ
N.N. Dunaev, T.Yu. Repkina, A.V. Baranskaya, V.V. Afanasiev Modern dynamics of an accumulative coast composed by pyroclastics of an underwater volcanic eruption Abstract / PDF Russ
D.N. Kozlov, I.G. Koroteev Modern data on morphology of the flooded caldera Lvinaya Past (Iturup Island, Southern Kuriles) Abstract / PDF Russ
R.V. Zharkov Physical and chemical properties of thermal waters of the Lunsky springs (Sakhalin Island) Abstract / PDF Russ
A.K. Ezhkin Lichens of wood substrates in areas of solfataric activity on Southern Kuriles Abstract / PDF Russ

2019 Volume 3 Issue 1

L.M. Bogomolov Invitation to the discussion PDF Russ
V.A. Parovyshny, Yu.V. Sohatyuk, D.V. Parovyshny, O.V. Veselov, E.V. Kochergin Approach to solve specific problems of operative predictions of seismic events Abstract / PDF Russ
L.G. Sverdlik, S.A. Imashev On preseismic anomalies of atmosphere temperature Abstract / PDF Russ
A.S. Zakupin, N.V. Boginskaya Modern seismicity in the zone of the Central Sakhalin fault (south of Sakhalin Island): false alarm or postponed prediction? Abstract / PDF Russ
V.N. Sychev, N.A. Sycheva, S.A. Imashev Study of aftershock sequence of Suusamyr earthquake Abstract / PDF Russ
V.V. Zhigulev, A.V. Savitsky, A.V. Zhigulev Study of Bering Sea gas hydrates with application of AVO-analysis Abstract / PDF Russ
A.. Kostina, M.S. Zhelnin, .. Plekhov, I.. Panteleev Investigation on effectiveness of analytical models to describe steam chamber growth during steam-assisted gravity drainage Abstract / PDF Russ
R.B. Shakirov, A.I. Obzhirov, M.V. Shakirova, E.V. Maltseva On gas hydrates of East Asian marginal seas: patterns of genesis and distribution (review) Abstract / PDF Russ
R.B. Shakirov, O.V. Mishukova The spatial distribution of the methane fluxes on the wateratmosphere boundary in the Sea of Okhotsk Abstract / PDF Russ
G.V. Shevchenko, M.O. Khuzeeva, V.E. Yachmenev, A.A. Shishkin Storm waves in the South Kuril Island by visual and instrumental data Abstract / PDF Russ
V.V. Afanasiev, I.O. Leontyev, A.V. Uba Analysis of the dynamics of the lagoon accumulative barrier form (Sakhalin Island) on the basis of mathematical modeling and relief strain maps for a long-term period Abstract / PDF Russ
M.V. Chibisova, A.V. Degterev The activity of Sarychev Peak volcano (Matua Island, Middle Kuriles) in 20172018: on the basis satellite and visual data Abstract / PDF Russ
The rules for the authors of the journal Geosystems of Transition Zones PDF Russ