Publication schedule:
no. 1 March; no. 2 June; no.3 September; no. 4 December.

Manuscripts in Russian or English corresponding to the scope of the "Geosystems of Transition Zones" Journal (see the List of scientific specialties, for which the journal is included in the HAC List the list of peer-reviewed scientific journals) are submitted throughout the year by e-mail:

uthor's statement

Submitting an article to the journal, the author declares that the article was not previously published, was not sent for consideration to another publisher, approved by all authors or organizations (see. the Author's statement). The author also states that the work is entirely original works, and if the work of others have been used, this has been appropriately cited or quoted. Fraudulent or knowingly inaccurate statements constitute unethical behavior and are unacceptable.

Plagiarism and borrowing

Unauthorized borrowings, plagiarism and self-plagiarism are considered forms of publication ethics misconduct. Any detected case of plagiarism and/or self-plagiarism brings to a request for correction (revision) or rejection of the article, and when it becomes evident post-publication to retraction of the article (see section About the Journal).

Disclosure of competing interests

All authors are requested to disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest including any affiliations, financial holdings or other relationships with other people or organizations that may be viewed as affecting the objectivity of the review.


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