Materials in the journal "Geosystems of transition zones" are accepted during the year.

Schedule of the journal: No. 1 March; No. 2 - June; No. 3 - September; No. 4 - December.

Thematic headings correspond to the subject of the journal.

The decision on publication is made by the Editorial Board or the Editor-in-Chief within two months from the date of receipt of the materials. The sent materials are not returned.

Manuscripts in electronic form are accepted by e-mail: The text should be in Windows Microsoft Word. Files should not have any additional layers.

Each article is accompanied by the Author's Copyright transfer agreement.

The author information indicates as the ORCID ID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) of each author (see ORCID file for how to get it).

The editorial Board has the right to reject or return for revision articles that are not prepared according to the rules of the journal. The accepted article is sent for review. The name of the reviewer is not disclosed. The article with the text of the review and editorial comments is sent to the author, who finalizes the text and in the reply letter sets out the essence of his corrections and, in case of disagreement with the reviewer, justified objections. Work on the article is done in the editorial file, the author allocates his edit in any way. The article is again read out by the editor and agrees with the author changes related to the content. The work is included in the room plan. The content of the issue is approved by the editorial Board and the editor-in-chief, who has the right to reject the article on serious grounds (conflict of interest, insufficient level of novelty of the research, etc.). Motivated refusal to publish is sent to the author. If the article is accepted for publication, the author is informed in which issue it will be published.

After 6 months after publication, the work can be used by others for distribution with the obligatory preservation of references to the authors of the original work and the original publication in the journal Geosystems of transition zones.

Authors have the right to post their work on the Internet after being notified of its acceptance for publication, as this can lead to productive discussions and more references to this work.
For details on the editorial policy of the journal, publication rules, etc., see:

Publication Ethics

The procedure of peer-review and publication of manuscripts
in the journal Geosystems of Transition Zones

The rules of registration and publication of manuscripts for the scientific journal Geosystems of Transition Zones

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