The journal Geosystems of Transition Zones is based on the traditional ethical principles of Russian and international scientific periodicals (detailed see file Publication Ethics).

The editorial policy of the journal is determined by the editorial board headed by the editor-in-chief. The journal implements a policy of publishing qualitative research results in a thorough but objective and benevolent reviewing (detailed see file The procedure of peer-review and publication of manuscripts in the journal "Geosystems of Transition Zones). As reviewers are well-known experts in this area having publications on the subject of the article and the necessary level of citation. The journal adopted a policy of unilateral anonymous reviewing; the names of reviewers are not reported to authors.

The editorial board has the right to refuse the author in the publication reasonably prior to the review, on the basis of the initial screening: if the material does not correspond to the subject matter of the journal, does not contain the subject of scientific research, does not correspond to ethical requirements, duplicates published materials, is not logically arranged, presented in indigestible language, etc.

Participants in the process of preparing the manuscript for publication are required to notify the editorial offices about the existence of potential causes for the emergence of a conflict of interest. This information is strictly confidential and is taken into account by the editorial staff when organizing the review.

The journal adheres to the principle of providing an Open Access to published research materials.

Publication of articles in the journal is free. By publishing the work for free, the author retains his copyright. While agreeing that his research will be publicly available, the author reserves the right to monitor the integrity of his work, as well as the existence of an obligatory indication of his authorship when using and citing it.

After 6 months after publication, the work can be used by others for distribution with the obligatory preservation of references to the authors of the original work and the original publication in the journal Geosystems of transition zones.

Authors have the right to post their work on the Internet after being notified of its acceptance for publication, as this can lead to productive discussions and more references to this work.Authors have the right to post their work on the Internet after being notified of its acceptance for publication, as this can lead to productive discussions and more references to this work.

The publication order is established by the date of acceptance of the article. The editorial board has the right to recommend a priority of publishing of the article which has received good reviews.

The editorial board reserves the right to withdraw the published articles if it emerges that someones rights or generally accepted standards of scientific ethics have been violated and to refuse further cooperation with authors whose behavior does not correspond to the ethical standards established in the journal.

The editorial offices provide the author (co-authors) with an electronic print of the materials (pdf-file) upon his request after their publication.


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