2019 v. 3

Issue Contents

V.A. Mubassarova, L.M. Bogomolov, A.S. Zakupin, I.A. Panteleev Acoustic emission and strain responses of rocks triggered by electromagnetic action (A review). Part 1 Abstract / PDF Russ
D.A. Safonov Spatial distribution of tectonic stress in the southern deep part of the Kuril-Kamchatka subduction zone Abstract / PDF Russ
A.Yu. Polets Modern tectonic stress field of the Sakhalin-Japanese earthquake belt Abstract / PDF Russ
A.S. Borisov, D.P. Kovalev, D.V. Kostylev, Yu.N. Levin Microseisms on the north of Sakhalin Island caused by sea waves Abstract / PDF Russ
A.O. Gorbunov, D.P. Kovalev, P.D. Kovalev The sediment transported by the flow in the eroding area of the Mordvinov Gulf coast (Sakhalin Island) Abstract / PDF Russ
N.G. Razjigaeva, L.A. Ganzey, T.A. Grebennikova, V.M. Kaistrenko, A.A. Kharlamov, Kh.A. Arslanov, F.E. Maksimov Application of paleodata for evaluation of the tsunami hazard of the Malokurilskaya bay coast (Shikotan Island) Abstract / PDF Russ
N.N. Dunaev, T.Yu. Repkina, A.V. Baranskaya, V.V. Afanasiev Modern dynamics of an accumulative coast composed by pyroclastics of an underwater volcanic eruption Abstract / PDF Russ
D.N. Kozlov, I.G. Koroteev Modern data on morphology of the flooded caldera Lvinaya Past (Iturup Island, Southern Kuriles) Abstract / PDF Russ
R.V. Zharkov Physical and chemical properties of thermal waters of the Lunsky springs (Sakhalin Island) Abstract / PDF Russ
A.K. Ezhkin Lichens of wood substrates in areas of solfataric activity on Southern Kuriles Abstract / PDF Russ