2018 Volume 2 Issue 4

V.N. Senachin, M.V. Senachin Lateral and radial density heterogeneities of the continental and oceanic lithosphere and their connection with the process of formation of earths crust Abstract / PDF Russ
L.A. Sim, N.A. Gordeev, A.V. Marinin Modern geodynamics of the eastern boundary of Siberian Platform Abstract / PDF Russ
S.I. Kuzikov Deformation of fault zones according to linear-angle measurements at the Bishkek geodynamic test site Abstract / PDF Russ
A.Yu. Polets The stress-strained state of zones of deep-focus earthquakes of the Japan Sea region Abstract / PDF Russ
O.V. Veselov, V.P. Semakin, A.V. Kochergin Heat flow and neotectonics of the Deryugin Basin' region (Okhotsk Sea) Abstract / PDF Russ
V.Yu. Pavlova, R.V. Zharkov GPR surveys of the discharge zone of the Daginsky hydrothermal system (Sakhalin Island) Abstract / PDF Russ
P.D. Kovalev, D.P. Kovalev, K.V. Kirillov The precursors of a storm Abstract / PDF Russ
K.V. Kirillov The investigation of wave field using autonomous wave recorder ARV-K14 in the coastal area Abstract / PDF Russ
O.A. Nikitenko, V.V. Ershov, Ju.A. Perstneva, D.D. Bondarenko, E.E. Baloglanov, O.R. Abbasov Substance composition produced by mud volcanoes of Sakhalin Island and Azerbaijan: the first comparison / PDF Russ
D.N. Kozlov, A.V. Degterev, V.S. Zarochintsev Koltsevoe caldera lake: current state and structure of the basin (Onekotan Island, Kuril Islands) / PDF Russ
S.Z. Smirnov, I.A. Maksimovich, A.A. Kotov, T.Yu. Timina, T.A. Bulbak, A.A. Tomilenko, D.V. Kuzmin, A.Ya. Shevko, A.V. Rybin Behavior of volatiles in the magmatic reservoirs of large-scale eruptions of Pleistocene-Holocene calderas of Iturup Island (Kuril Islands) / PDF Russ
A.V. Rybin, M.V. Chibisova, S.Z. Smirnov, Yu.A. Martynov, A.V. Degterev Petrochemical features of volcanic complexes / PDF Russ
A.V. Degterev, D.N. Kozlov, F.A. Romanyuk, R.V. Zharkov, A.V. Rybin The state of Berutarube volcano in 2017 (Iturup Island, Kurile Islands) Abstract / PDF Russ
R.Ph. Bulgakov Abstract / PDF Russ
D.V. Mishurinskij, V.V. Ershov, R.V. Zharkov, A.V. Kopanina, D.N. Kozlov, E.V. Lebedeva, I.V. Abdullaeva, I.I. Vlasova, D.V. Mikhalev Geological-geomorphological and landscape-ecological features of the Pugachev Mud Volcan as a basis for organization and information support of the tourist route (Sakhalin Island) Abstract / PDF Russ
Yu.I. Senkevich, O.O. Lukovenkova, A.A. Solodchuk Method to form a geophysical signals catalog based on geoacoustic emission signals / PDF Russ
V.V. Ershov Mud volcanoes on the planet Earth: Review of monograph Atlas of the world mud volcanoes Abstract / PDF Russ
Topical index of articles published in the Journal in 2018 (Vol. 2) PDF

2018 Volume 2 Issue 3

Predictability of seismic energy rate in northwest frame of Pacific Ocean on the base of USGS catalogue
A.I. Malyshev, L.K. Malysheva
Onor earthquake of August 14, 2016, Mw = 5.8 (Sakhalin Island)
A.S. Prytkov, D.A. Safonov, A.S. Zakupin
Aftershock processes supporting moderate and weak earthquakes in the area of the Bishkek Geodynamic Test Site and in its vicinity V.A. Muhamadeeva, N.. Sycheva
Evaluation of petroleum potential of sedimentary cover, Terpeniya Bay based on kinematic and dynamic characteristics of seismic waves V.V. Zhigulev, K.Yu. Uporov, A.V. Zhigulev
Evaluation seismicity in Southern Sakhalin with the use of the method SOUS'09
E.P. Semenova, D.V. Kostylev, V.I. Mikhailov, I.A. Parshina, V.N. Fercheva
Mantle anomalies of gravitational and free surface kind, and their relationship with the deep processes
V.N. Senachin, O.V. Veselov, M.V. Senachin
A new map of tsunami hazard for the South Kuril Islands G.V. Shevchenko, A.V. Loskutov, V.M. Kaystrenko
Measuring the thickness of the sea ice with the use of storms waves P.D. Kovalev, D.P. Kovalev
Features of the critical stage of fracture process of deformed heterogeneous materials
E.E. Damaskinskaya, I.A. Panteleev, D.I. Frolov, N.F. Vasilenko
Chekhovs LateCenozoic volcanism of the eastern coast of Southern Sakhalin (Makarovsky district) V.M. Grannik
Monitoring of volcanic activity in the Kurile Islands: 15 years of work SVERT group
A.V. Rybin, M.V. Chibisova, A.V. Degterev

2018 Volume 2 Issue 2

Peculiarities of hydrophysical processes in the vicinity of cape Svobodniy (southeastern coast of Sakhalin Island) from the data of instrumental measurements
G.V. Shevchenko, V.N. Chastikov, K.V. Kirillov, O.V. Kusaylo
Landslide processes on the South-West slope of the Kuril basin of Okhotsk Sea
A.I. Obzhirov, B.V. Baranov, R.B. Shakirov, V.G. Prokudin, E.V. Maltseva
Nonlinear transformation of wind waves and swell under ice D.P. Kovalev, P.D. Kovalev
Seismic activity of the Amur region and Primorye D.A. Safonov
Geomorphological aspects of coast protection in high latitudes V.V. Afanasiev, E.I. Ignatov
Algorithm of optimal choice of time series ranges for fractal analysis M.E. Cheshev, V.N. Sychev, S.A. Imashev
Computation of planetary and regional gravitational models of corn and mantles of the Earth with account of its spherical form V.N. Senachin, M.V. Senachin

2018 Volume 2 Issue 1

On the slow waves and oscillations in a terrestrial crust and seismoionospheric relations
L.M. Bogomolov, P.A. Kamenev, V.N. Sychev
Search for predictive anomalies of strong earthquakes according to monitoring of subsoil gases at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky geodynamic test site
P.P. Firstov, E.O. Makarov, I.P. Glukhova, D.I. Budilov, D.V. Isakevich
Formal clustering method application to data on large and super-large ore deposits A.R. Shatakhtsyan
Morphodynamics of the stable system of megafestons (sand waves) of Terpeniya Bay (Sakhalin Island)
V.V. Afanasiev, A.V. Uba, A.O. Gorbunov, V.S. Zarochintsev, A.I. Levitsky
The estimation of seismic hazard in south part of Sakhalin for 2018 year (based on preliminary catalog)
A.S. Zakupin, P.A. Kamenev, T.E. Voronina, N.V. Boginskaya
Gasgeochemical precursors of seismic activity, earthquakes, volcanic episodes on the Kamchatka and Sea of Okhotsk (to use information of the Kamchatka scientific conferences 2017) A.I. Obzhirov
60 years Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Leonid M. Bogomolov Download Rus
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