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Geophysics. Seismology

D.A. Safonov, T.A. Fokina
Seismicity of the South Far East of Russia in 2020

Abstract Full text PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2021.5.4.308-319

V.K. Leksin
Paleo-incisions and gas zones of Pliocene-Quaternary sediments at the site of engineering and geological surveys on the shelf of Sakhalin Island

Abstract Full text PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2021.5.4.320-327


D.P. Kovalev, P.D. Kovalev, A.S. Borisov, K.V. Kirillov
Wave characteristics in the southern part of the Sea of Okhotsk – the area of water transport routes to the southern Kuril Islands

Abstract Full text PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2021.5.4.328-338


R.F. Bulgakov
3D modeling of the hydroisostasy effect with a configuration of Moho surface of the Sea of Okhotsk close to real

Abstract Full text PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2021.5.4.339-345

S.N. Elokhina, T.S. Myznikova, A.A. Khudyakov
State of the information and analytic database of exogenous geological processes on the territory of the Ural Federal District

Abstract Full text PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2021.5.4.346-353


A.V. Degterev, M.V. Chibisova, R.V. Zharkov
Activity of Chirinkotan and Sarychev Peak volcanoes in 2021 (Kuril Islands)

Abstract Full text PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2021.5.4.354-360


O.A. Nikitenko, V.V. Ershov
Hydrogeochemical indicators for the exploration and development of hydrocarbon fields: review, analysis and prospects for use on Sakhalin Island

Abstract Full text PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2021.5.4.361-377

V.D. Kazmiruk
Mechanisms of plastic microparticles retention by buffer zones with macrophytes

Abstract Full text PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2021.5.4.378-388

A.L. Ponomareva, N.S. Polonik, A.I. Obzhirov, R.B. Shakirov, R.A. Grigorov, O. Schmale, S. Mau
Interrelation of methane distribution with psychro-, meso- and thermophilic hydrocarbon-oxidizing microorganisms in the bottom sediments of the Kara Sea

Abstract Full text PDF RUS&ENG https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2021.5.4.389-393.394-398


I.V. Motylkova
Taxonomic structure and ecology-geographical characteristic of phytoperiphyton in the Lyutoga River (Sakhalin Island)

Abstract Full text PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2021.5.4.399-427

V.V. Kaganov, А.V. Kordyukov, A.K. Ezhkin
Distribution features of epiphytic lichens on Populus maximowiczii in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city and its suburbs

Abstract Full text PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2021.5.4.428-438

Mechanics of deformable solids

I.B. Krasnyuk, A.E. Zabolotin
Deterministic and stochastic oscillations of fractal type during cooling of the melt

Abstract Full text PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2021.5.4.439-447

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