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Regional geology. Geotectonics and geodynamics

Yu.V. Kostrov, P.A. Kamenev, V.A. Degtyarev
Structural and geological study of the zone of influence of the central part of the West Sakhalin fault

Abstract Full text PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2022.6.1.005-012


A.V. Degterev, M.V. Chibisova
Activation of Chikurachki volcano (Paramushir Isl., Northern Kuriles) in January–February of 2022

Abstract Full text PDF RUS&ENG https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2022.6.1.013-018.018-023

Geomorphology and Palaeogeography

T.V. Kornyushenko, N.G. Razjigaeva, L.A. Ganzey, T.A. Grebennikova, E.P. Kudryavtseva, Y.E. Piskareva, S.D. Prokopets
Evidence of geosystems transformation during Medieval development of South Primorye: Steklyanukha-2 fortress

Abstract Full text PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2022.6.1.024-042

L.M. Mokhova, E.P. Kudryavtseva
Subfossil pollen spectra as evidence of altitude belts of Southern Sikhote-Alin

Abstract Full text PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2022.6.1.043-053


A.S. Borisov
Sea wave characteristics in port Kholmsk (Sakhalin Island)

Abstract Full text PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2022.6.1.054-059


T.G. Koreneva, L.E. Sigareva
Pigments in bottom sediments Aniva Bay (Sea of Okhotsk)

Abstract Full text PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2022.6.1.060-073

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