2020 № 2 PDF

D.A. Safonov, D.D. Kostylev, T.A. Fokina, N.S. Kovalenko
Seismicity of the South Far East of Russia in 2019

Abstract PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2020.4.2.146-159

A.S. Zakupin, N.V. Boginskaya
Mid-term assessments of seismic hazards on Sakhalin Island using the LURR method: new results

Abstract PDF RUS PDF ENG https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2020.4.2.160-168.169-177

N.A. Sycheva
Seismic moment tensor and dynamic parameters of earthquakes in the Central Tien Shan

Abstract PDF RUS PDF ENG https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2020.4.2.178-191.192-209

R.F. Bulgakov, V.V. Afanas’ev, E.I. Ignatov
Effect of hydroisostasy on postglacial transgression on the shelf and coast of Primorye as revealed by computer modelling

Abstract PDF RUS PDF ENG https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2020.4.2.210-219.220-229

N.G. Razjigaeva, L.A. Ganzey, T.R. Makarova, T.V. Kornyushenko, E.P. Kudryavtseva,
K.S. Ganzei, V.V. Sudin, A.A. Kharlamov
Paleolake of Shkot Island: natural archive of climatic and landscape changes

Abstract PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2020.4.2.230-249

P.D. Kovalev, D.P. Kovalev, A.A. Shishkin
Study of waves in the bays and on the coast of Shikotan Island in the Lesser Kuril ridge

Abstract PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2020.4.2.250-258

Yu.P. Korolev, P.Yu. Korolev
Simulation of the process of short-term forecasting of the 25.03.2020 Onekotan tsunami

Abstract PDF RUS https://doi.org/10.30730/gtrz.2020.4.2.259-265