2017 Volume 1 Issue 4

Late cenozoic igneous rocks of the Krilion Peninsular (Sakhalin Island) V.M. Grannik
Comprehensive research on Matua Island in 2017
A.V. Rybin, A.V. Degterev, I.P. Dudchenko, V.B. Guryanov, F.A. Romanyuk, I.M. Klimantsov
Modeling of the stressed-strained state of a fault zone in injection/pumping of a fluid
A.E. Zabolotin, D.E. Tomilev
Autooscillation model of microseism’s sources V.I. Makovetsky, I.P. Dudchenko, A.S. Zakupin
Faults and wavequides in the Sakhalin depths. S.M. Saprygin
Current Events
IMGG FEB RAS participated in the events of the Sakhalin Regional Universal Scientific Library devoted to 70-th Anniversary of Sakhalin Region and 70-th Anniversary of the SakhRUSL
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In memory of the Scientist
Vladimir Leonidovich Lomtev Download Rus
Editorial Note
The production of research reports to publishing in a journal:
Brief recommendations for emerging authors
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Topical index of articles published in the Journal in 2017 Download Rus